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One-Straw Revolutionaries. No-Till Cultivators.

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Snowtill combines light, water and our own proprietary living soil
to produce top-shelf cannabis without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Current Strains



Potency: 34% THC

Piescream is a mind-numbing powerhouse of potency—everything you'd expect from a world-class strain (shoutout to Mene Gene Mendocino) grown in no-till, living soil.

Wedding Pie
(Gelato 33 x Cherry Limeade f5)

3.7% Terpenes
MR | PN | OC

Pungent and powerful notes of whipped cream and candied citrus all cascading on a syrupy stankiness that will turn heads, flare nostrils and make it a must-have for flavor-chasers everywhere.

- Joseph Snow

Official Gangster

Potency: 30% THC

Official Gangster is exactly what you'd think—an OG that delivers all gas no breaks.

An Official OG

2.4% Terpenes
MR | LM | NL

Thick-scented OG that gives you a head change if you smell it too hard. This particular cut presents a unique combination of powerful terpenes (especially Limonene LM, which has shown to boost THC potency).

- Joseph Snow


Potency: 25.6% THC

Gouda will be best plant-based cheese you’ve ever had—the perfect example of real, deep dankness.

Norton (Sour Diesel x Cheese)
Jesus OG (Jack the Ripper x Hell's OG)

2% Terpenes
CR | LM | HL

Gouda delivers a powerfully cheesy stankiness that reminds us that cannabis has so much more to offer than the typical terps—a must-try for any connoisseur interested in experiencing unique flavors.

- Joseph Snow

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